Posted on: April 26, 2009 11:39 pm

Is the draft really that important?

I think it is safe to safe that in America football takes top priority over any other sport, but it is riduculous that the draft is on ESPN for the second day. The draft is great but, come on. With the 186th pick, the Colts pick, Joe the janitor. I know that stars can emerge from the later rounds, aka Tom Brady, but the fact that the draft is a two day deal is crazy. Cut it to four or five rounds and have it run all day on Saturday. Also the fact that we have to listen Mel Kiper Jr. tell us about every single pick is dumb. Here's the truth, nobody knows how kids are going to transfer into the NFL. You might as well ask your dog. He'll probably get closer than so call "draft gurus". Another thing,   only the first round should be aired. Instead of the draft on ESPN, how about we put on a playoff game or a baseball game. Have a streaming banner on the bottom of the screen to announce picks and that's all'. By the end of the Phillies game when they were crushing the MarlinsSmile, I turned on the draft to see if it was over yet, and I couldn't believe what they were showing. They were filming fans sleeping in their seats. Maybe ESPN should take a hint from that. I would rather watch women's bowling or professional dominos than the second day of the draft. If anybody with connections to ESPN, stumbles across this, please do something, anything. I would settle for  semi-proffesional curling. Seriously.  
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